The Official Maps of Singapore

RedDot’s flagship maps comes in 4 languages - English, Chinese Japanese & Korean.

RedDot works with a team of professional translators and writers for maps. Editorial in our maps is kept concise and relevant to give visitors a positive and fulfilling experience in Singapore. RedDot has over the last 15 years, polished its content and creative from feedback received from tourists and STB.

RedDot takes pride in ensuring that the integrity and credibility of STB and Singapore is not compromised from our content or the advertisers. We exercise strict guidelines on the type of advertisers to be featured in all RedDot publications as well as providing accurate and up to date maps.

We have produced thematic maps with customized editorial content so that visitors can seek out specific information on destinations, activities, events and products they are interested in.

From the feedback received so far from visitors and advertisers, we are happy to have received several positive comments and compliments.